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Museum Catalog

Acorn Atom

Dragon 32

Atari 2600

Apple 2 E


Mattel Aquarius

Chess Challenger

EXELVISION, with its infra red joystick and keyboard and its voice synthetiser ("mais qui ose défier Wizor!")


A genuine IBM PC, vintage 1981, with cassette interface

MAC SE, the last of the first generation

NCR Decision Mate 5

PSION (we could say 1, but there was no other at the time)

Note that this PSION was joigned by a PSION II, which looks the same, but is more powerful.

Sinclair QL

TI 99/4

Thomson TO8 (his big brother, an MO9 is coming soon)

Philips VG5000


Customized Sinclair ZX81. He also has a little brother, a genuine ZX81, untouched. 

Some new machines which should get on the site soon:

Matra Alice

Commodore VIC 20,

one of his little brothers the plus/4

an interesting clone from the 80s, which runs Windows 1,

a Compaq Portable III running Windows 2,

an Amstrad 6128 with the famous 3''drive,

an Amstrad 464,

A TRS80 with extension, dual floppies,

a fantastic Sun 3 which I'll have to describe with lots of details,


a Philips VideoWriter,

another Philips Videopac (the one with the integrated screen),

an Apple 2C and one of the first portable Toshibas, with built in modem



Last updated April 25th 1999


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